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Frequency isn’t one of the world’s best-known contact lens brands, but it’s picking up steam in the astigmatism community. Indeed, CooperVision developed the aspheric Frequency brand primarily to help astigmatic patients overcome their symptoms. Customers looking for well-constructed monthly disposable aspheric contacts will find what they’re looking for in’s Frequency catalogue.

In the text below, you’ll find even more info about the Frequency line of contact lenses. If you’re interested in purchasing a few boxes of Frequency lenses, then you’re in luck. We’ll also let you know exactly where to find Frequency contacts on

What Are Frequency Contact Lenses?

Frequency is a brand of soft contact lenses put out by the California-based multinational CooperVision. Like CooperVision’s Biomedics line, Frequency contacts are famous for their aspheric design.

Instead of the standard spherical shape, aspheric contacts have distinct crevices with different refractive powers throughout the lenses. The unique design of aspheric lenses is supposed to help reduce issues associated with spherical lenses, especially uneven light penetration.

Typically, eye doctors recommend aspheric contacts for patients with conditions like astigmatism or presbyopia. By spreading powers throughout the lenses, aspheric contacts seem to help correct corneal abnormalities and adjust to each patient’s ocular issues.

Due to this aspheric design feature, optometrists frequently recommend Frequency contacts to patients with some degree of astigmatism. This doesn’t mean, however, near or farsighted patients can’t benefit from trying Frequency contacts.

If you have any specific questions about this brand, encourages you to get in touch with a certified optometrist.

What Frequency Contacts Are On

On, you’ll find two fantastic Frequency lens varieties to try out. Below, we’ll go into more detail on the differences between these impressive monthly disposable lenses.

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Frequency 55 Aspheric

CooperVision’s standard Frequency brand is Frequency 55 Aspheric. Although Frequency 55 Aspheric is fantastic for patients with slight astigmatism, near and farsighted patients can experience great results with these high-quality lenses.

While the aspheric design is Frequency 55’s hallmark feature, these lenses also include UV protection, light blue tinting, and a layer of protein resistant material. The primary element in all Frequency contacts is the moisture-absorbing methafilcon A, which is also in CooperVision’s Expressions lenses.

There are six lenses in each box of Frequency 55 Aspheric contacts sold on Please be sure to check the manufacturer’s official expiration date before using your Frequency 55 Aspheric lenses.

You can find out more about ordering Frequency 55 Aspheric lenses on by following this link.

Frequency Xcel Toric

Although the myopia epidemic gets a lot of press nowadays, there’s also an alarming rise in the number of astigmatism cases around the world. Recent estimates suggest about 15 percent of the global population now have some degree of this annoying eye condition.

To address these rising astigmatism rates, many manufacturers are offering toric contact lenses. Unlike spherical contacts, toric lenses have different refractive powers at different angles to help naturally adjust to the wearer’s cornea.

For those who have astigmatism and like Frequency lenses, CooperVision offers the Frequency Xcel Toric contacts. Just like Frequency 55, the Xcel Toric are monthly disposable lenses with UV protection, blue tints, and hydrophilic surfaces.

To find’s page for Frequency Xcel Toric lenses, please click this link.

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