Good Hand-Eye Coordination Skills Linked With Stronger Baseball Performance

A new study shows a clear correlation between hand-eye coordination skills and better performance in baseball. American scientists conducted their research on 450 athletes over the course of three Major League Baseball spring training seasons. Once they had all of the players’ hand-eye... Read more

New Study Suggests Blink Reflex Tests Can Help Diagnose Concussions

A new device that measures a person's blink reflexes could soon be used to help diagnose concussion patients. Researchers believe this new device, called the Blink Reflexometer, could revolutionize how concussions are diagnosed on the field.The Blink Reflexometer works by letting out a tiny gust of... Read more

The better a baseball player's vision, the better his/her score on the field

The better a baseball player's vision, the better his/her score on the field. That's according to a new American study that researched the correlation between hand-eye-coordination and athletic performance. Over 250 baseball players from the major and minor leagues agreed to take part in this Duke... Read more

Regular Exercise Could Reduce Risk Of Glaucoma By Almost 75 Percent

A new long-term study out of the University of California, Los Angeles suggests that regular physical exercise could reduce a person's risk of developing glaucoma.Researchers found that people who exercised regularly were 73 percent less likely to be diagnosed with glaucoma than people who didn't... Read more

UK Study Shows Visually Impaired People Get Less Exercise Than People With Normal Vision

A new report on the challenges visually impaired people face getting enough exercise per week was a major topic at this year's Essilor University and College Symposium. Dr. Keziah Latham, a reader at Anglia Ruskin University's Visual Function and Physiology Research Group, was the lead author on... Read more

One Man Rides 560 Miles To Raise Awareness of Retinitis Pigmentosa

Attorney Joe Lucas is on a mission to raise awareness for retinitis pigmentosa. But he isn't just making a few speeches or writing blog posts. No, that'd be too easy for Mr. Lucas. Instead, Lucas decided to bicycle 560 miles from Manistique, Michigan, to Chicago last May.The entire bike ride took... Read more

Elite English Footballers Have Stronger Vision Than General Population

A new study reveals that pro football players have far better vision than the general population. Research showed that football players not only had better visual clarity, they also had increased contrast sensitivity and focus flexibility.Researchers at the Liverpool John Moores University studied... Read more

Santa Barbara Golf Club Hosts Charity Event For Blindness Research

Golfers recently met at the Santa Barbara Golf Club for a golfing charity event to help the California Project to Cure Blindness. California's Eye and Vision Care hosted this event on Saturday, May 20th.Charity organizers said that around 100 golfers showed up to support this event. A few of the... Read more

New Study Shows Zika Virus Enters The Eyes Of Unborn Fetuses

According to a new American study, the Zika virus can attach itself to a child's eyes while s/he is in a Zika-infected mother's womb. Researchers found that children in the wombs of infected pregnant monkeys had severe eye inflammation as early as the first trimester.Researchers first gave a small... Read more

CRT Contacts Help Patients Correct Vision While They Sleep

Corneal refractive therapy (CRT) is nothing new, but it's only within the past few years that most nearsighted people have heard about this treatment option. Patients using CRT, also known as "corneal reshaping," put a special pair of contacts in their eyes every night and, over the course of a few... Read more

California Study Reveals Benefits Of Low Intensity Workouts For Our Eyes

A short low intensity walk may be the best thing for our overall eye health. According to new research out of California, low intensity workouts help the brain better process visual information by stimulating increased neuron production in the visual cortex.This test was conducted at the University... Read more

New Research Into Why Women Football Players Have Higher Concussion Rates

It's been known for some time that women sustain more concussions than men in football. While some scientists have claimed that this is due to women having naturally weak neck muscles, new research shows the problem may be due to a lack of vision training. Joe Clark, a professor of neurology at the... Read more

 Wide Receiver Khaneil Bruce Pursues NFL Dreams Despite Losing Sight In His Left Eye

Khaneil Bruce only ever wanted to become one thing: a professional football player. Even though Bruce lost sight in one of his eyes recently, he has told reporters that he will never give up on this dream.Bruce was brought up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the famous home of Harvard. Times were very... Read more

Ian McKinley: The One Eyed Rugby Wonder

The story of the former Leinster rugby out-half Ian McKinley is a tale of resilience. Even though he may never play for Dublin again, he will certainly go down as one of Ireland's great heroes.McKinley's journey began at the age of 19 when he played for the University College Dublin against... Read more

Cardiovascular Drug Proves Effective in Treating Surfer’s Eye

The eye disease pterygium, more commonly known as surfer’s eye, is a noticeable bump on the surface of the eye. The most common cause of this eye condition is excessive exposure to UV light, which affects not only surfers, but anyone that spends time near the water, or on snow, both of which... Read more

Contact lenses "the main choice" among sport enthusiasts.

Contact lenses continue to be the vision correction product of choice among people who regularly take part in sporting activities, a new report has revealed. Nick Dash, an optometrist from Visual Edge Optometrists, said a major reason for this is that contact lenses offer 'freedom' and all-round... Read more

Contact lenses "great for active people"

People who regularly take part in sporting activities may find that contact lenses can help to enhance their performance, one expert has pointed out. Many people who require vision correction find that glasses are inconvenient and even dangerous when worn during sport, but this does not have to be... Read more

New contact lens developments "always around the corner"

Such is the nature of the contact lens market that new developments are always around the corner, meaning that wearers have more choice than ever. That is the opinion of Gavin Rebello, sports vision specialist at @eye_performance, who said that contact lens users, particularly people who play... Read more

"Always wear goggles" when swimming with contact lenses

The amazing sporting feats at the Olympics will no doubt lead to many people attempting to emulate their heroes, and for many this will involve diving into the swimming pool. However, while many Olympic swimmers will no doubt be wearing contact lenses underneath their goggles, there are certain... Read more

Swimmers warned of risks of wearing contact lenses

Keen swimmers who wear their contact lenses in the water have been warned that they could be affected by Acanthamoeba keratitis.Keith Tempany, BCLA council member, said that lens wearers should not swim in their lenses, or use them for taking part in water sports. "If reusable lenses are worn, they... Read more